Wines Australians are proud to pour


The company was established in 2012 by Martin and Lisa Gorman who moved to Seattle in November of that year from Melbourne, Australia.

The name “Red Earth Wines” encapsulates the essence of Australia – its red centre, its dryness and its richness – a country of extremes capable of producing some of the world’s most impressive wines.

The country’s diversity is reflected in its wine regions and what they produce.  We are proud of the quality of these wines and privileged to share them with wine lovers in our new home.

From Martin…

“As an Australian making the trek to the US over many years I have to say it’s been a challenge finding my favorite wines from home.  In fact, the impression many Seattle wine lovers have of Australian wine is that it is defined by big, bold, jammy reds – “fruit bombs” – but nothing could be further from the truth.  So, when Lisa and I decided to move to Seattle we created Red Earth Wines to bring with us wines Australians are proud to pour.”


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