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This small family owned vineyard is based at Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula. In 1982 Garry Crittenden was one of the first to plant vines in the region and at 28 years of age, the vine maturity undoubtedly confers something pretty special into the bottle.

They are proud to be part of the era of the Mornington Peninsula’s growth that has seen it become pre eminent as a Pinot Noir and Chardonnay producing region. Now, wineries on the Peninsula are carrying on making beautiful cool climate boutique wines as well as exploring other varieties, winemaking and viticultural techniques that include sustainable and biological methods. The Mornington Peninsula is at the forefront in such developments which create healthier soils, vines and fruit. Garry and his family at Crittenden believe that this is not only kinder to our environment but results in a better wine. The vineyards at Crittenden Estate are no longer sprayed with synthetic pesticides, herbicides or other artificial chemicals.

The Crittenden family is passionate about wine but is also passionate about the Mornington Peninsula. They feel blessed to be able to raise the next (third) generation of children here on the Peninsula, amongst vines. Things may have changed since Rollo and Zoe played on the property many years ago but they all hold true that same goal: to make excellent wine.

Crittenden Estate has been rated by James Halliday as a 5 Star Winery –¬†one of Australia’s best!


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